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July 01, 2008


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glad you liked them! interesting to hear that about pan-frying the scones... i had no idea :)


Your scones look beautiful, and you're right-I think they would be excellent with a slice of honey ham. Maybe as a scone sandwich?


Oh, I agree! These were biscuits. But who will pay $3.50 for a biscuit? Well put. Yours look great though...nice job.


I love the in-process photos. And maybe it's just because I'm from the North, but to me, these were not biscuits. I think of biscuits as plain white fluffy things -- I've never heard of them being flavored at all.

They weren't nearly as dry and crumbly as other scones I've had, but I like that about them!


Pan frying? Huh, I wouldn't have thought of that. I'm glad you liked them, whatever you want to call them!


I did the drop version as well. Much easier and just as tasty.


They look and sound delicious :)


It's all relative... what they serve at KFC is closer to a biscuit than what they wrap around an egg and sausage for breakfast at McDonalds. Neither of which hold a candle to these. Great job with your biscuit-scones. :)


Your scones (I mean, biscuits) look delicious! I loved them, too.


Glad you liked them! I'd love to taste an authentic Scottish-style scone -- by any chance do you have a recipe?

I've read that the original scones were patted out and cooked on a dry griddle, but I've never tried that.

I've always thought a scone was like a sweet biscuit with dried fruit added in, but I'd probably like them just about any old way!

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