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June 24, 2008


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Welcome! I think you've got Pillsbury beat, hands down. Mine wasn't too sweet either, but the scoop of ice cream solved that!:)


I'm also wary of biscuit type doughs... they seem like they're going to be a lot more finicky than they really are. You did a great job with your first assignment... welcome to the mad world of TWD.


Welcome to TWD and congrats on completing your first challenge. You did a beautiful job! I hope you will enjoy baking Dorie's recipes as much as I do :)

Have a delicious day!


Nice job on your first TWD recipe. Welcome to the group!


Welcome to TWD! Your cobbler looks great, way to go!


Good job on the cobbler. Welcome to TWD!


Welcome to the group! It isn't always this easy, you were lucky! You did a great job, too!


Welcome to TWD! What a great first recipe, and you did a beautiful job with it.


Welcome and good work! Your cobbler looks wonderful. The substitution of orange zest sounds like a great idea.
Dorie's cobbler recipe is definitely on the "less-sweet" side, I've seen cobbler recipes with up to twice as much sugar in the berries and even more than that in the dough.
Personally I think cobblers should be a bit runny, more so than a pie, so that you can soak up the juices with the biscuit topping (biscuits are so good for that.) It depends a lot on the fruit, though, and it can be really hard to guess right about how much juice your particular batch of fruit is going to yield.
Either of your ideas (increase the thickener or reduce the juices and add them back) would work just fine.

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